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Voice Call & IVR Services

Using IVR services, automate phone service by letting users respond to prompted calls.
Additionally use voice call service in this way to promote messages or raise awareness.


IVR Service

Automate telephone services by allowing users to respond to voice or text-based automated prompts. Magic Text's IVR service assists you in analyzing your callers' needs and connecting them to a live agent, so they can get their questions answered.

Voice Call

By using our voice call service, you can reach a large audience. You can promote the message or increase awareness with this form of Bulk calling. Record your audio message and automate the calling process with a few clicks

What’s IVR ?

IVR is a technology that enables your company to communicate with clients devoid of the use of a live person. It communicates via pre-recorded voice messages and uses keypad selection from the general public to link a call to the particular expert(s) with whom they must speak and resolve their issues.

Benefits of Magic Text solutions

Reduce costs and optimize SaaS utilization based on data analytics and actionable insights.

In a world where marketing and advertising is now primarily digital, the term ‘digital agency’ almost seems redundant, doesn’t it?

However, with print, radio, television, and other traditional marketing techniques maintaining some relevance among modern strategic marketing campaigns.

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Features of IVR service & Leading voice call service provider

We have optimized the following elements to provide the best IVR experience possible

A source of information

An IVR menu can be used to present a caller with incredibly helpful information after they have called a service. Using this data can be a fantastic method to connect callers with the appropriate department and offer helpful information

Filter calls

Call filtering is one of the IVR system's earliest and most noticeable functions. This filtering enables a business to manage and arrange high call volumes


An IVR system can be a very useful tool for identification if your business deals with personal information. It saves a tons of time when a customer's identity can be confirmed through IVR. It also aids in reducing the strain on agents

Recognition of voice

Voice recognition is one of the key functions offered by IVR systems. The link between computers and human language data is aided by natural language processing. Its growth is essential to IVR's progress and will be a primary determinant of how much an IVR system can understand

Record calls

Providing the caller with notice that the call will be recorded. It is advantageous for security reasons. to either avoid problems or provide evidence of malfunctions

Uses of Voice call

In the below mentioned ways, voice call services have been utilized to contact large numbers of individuals.
  • Alerts for emergencies
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Updates and Reminders for Appointments
  • Promotions and exclusive offers

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