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For over five years, Magic Text has been a professional digital communications service provider. We offer the top digital communication products and services to India's leading businesses and organizations. Results from our services will be very precise and widely reachable.

Our vision in the field of digital communication has been expanding over a period of time and finding its target purpose. beyond just being a digital communication service provider we also envision to be a major gamechanger in the world of digital marketing.

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Our goal is to provide our clients' brands with the highest possible brand value enhancement. By doing this, we will be able to expand the scope of the development of our Magic Text and also want to make a significant change in the world of digital marketing in the near future.

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We are a leading cloud communications platform and telecommunications service provider. We provide our corporate clients with products and services like transactional SMS, promotional SMS, bulk voice calls, IVR service, and marketing on WhatsApp, as well as assist them in growing their businesses.

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Our sms services will be of the highest caliber, and we are a leading producer of communications for businesses to expand. We update our clients' real-time delivery data as soon as the update happens.

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